Positivity is that word that people praise or roll their eyes over. It can sound cliché and not practicable. Yet, I still belong to that Optimism crew.

Positivity is not something that is going to be easy and always seem to be the best route. However, there are many benefits to being positive in all aspects of your life. In this piece, I tell you the reality about positivity.

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Positivity Makes You More Likely to Go After Your Goals

When you have a healthy sense of self-esteem, you are more likely to go after your goals. …

I started blogging in university. I enjoyed writing and it was fun for me to be able to have a platform where I can see my words. Seven years later, it is still fun for me to have a platform where I can see my words displayed.

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In order to get started with blogging, there are a few things that you should consider.

You Have To Decide on a Hosting Platform

Building your mental resilience is a way of living. It is having certain behaviours and habits that will enable you to push through in-spite of setback, failures, difficulties.

It is what will keep you moving forward no matter the ridicule, shame, and regret that life throws your way.

Build Up Your Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

Having focus in life is what separates those that are successful and those that are not. Focus is what helps you understand whether someone will get things done or not. One of the characteristics that I possess is that ability to focus. My focus is what enables me to keep moving on the path that I have been called on.

If you lack focus, here are some points to help you get and maintain it.

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You Should Know Where You Are Going

You cannot have focus if you do not know where you are going. …

The way we perceive our lives, how we think will ultimately affect how we function. Sometimes, we are quick to blame the world and others on our problems and challenges.

Whereas, at times, the first place we have got to look is within ourselves. We must question our thoughts and beliefs. The truth is that we are at times our own worst enemy because of self-limiting beliefs.

Here are some self-limiting beliefs that keep you stagnant.

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“I Can’t Ever Change…”

If you believe that who you were five to ten years ago is the same person that you…

We are all motivated by different pursuits. Some of us are motivated by money. To acquire a particular amount of wealth. Some are motivated by fame and ambition, to reach a certain level of status and recognition.

Others are motivated by their visions and goals of the life they see themselves living.

Having a vision is not an easy thing. Yes, it can be exciting and keeps you moving. However, it can be daunting when your immediate reality does not match up to the life you aspire for. …

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A social media presence is essential for all creators. Being a content creator means that you are a creative person. You have ideas in you to be produced. Your thoughts, views, and stories can be made manifest in unique ways.

As a creator, you can either choose to create in isolation or publicly. If you choose to create in isolation, then you are not asking for your work to be seen. You want your work to be private. Therefore, your work is simply an outlet for you to only express yourself.

Now, if you…

We all know that having good habits is needed in life. We all know that the right habits can positively affect the way that we live and function. Yet, the problem is how do we effectively form good habits in life?

First, let us start with defining what habits are? A habit is defined as an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it becomes involuntary.

In that definition, we have titbits of wisdom about how a habit comes about.

If you want to start forming good habits, you should do the following.

Replace A Bad Habit with A Good One

When I entered the work world after school, there was a lot I had to learn. I graduated with so much confidence and optimism. As an A-student, I was ready to take on the world. Little did I know what was coming ahead.

One of the many things I had to learn as a young professional was about how to take feedback properly.

This did not come to me easily and every now and then, I must catch myself and be mindful of how I take in other people’s interpretations, suggestions and input about me and my work. …

Being organized is significant in life. Being organized will affect the way you function and carry on in your life. Some people live life in a manner of anything goes. They have no form of direction. They often do things on a whim.

There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous occasionally. However, having good organization skills does play a significant role in our lives.

If you want to get more organized in your life, here is how to do so and why it really matters.

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Have A Clear Agenda

To get yourself and your life together, you need some…

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