Affirming Your Worth in a World that tries to make You Feel Less Than

FYI, You Matter Whether Anyone Agrees Or Not

Isioma Ononye
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Having self-worth in the world is not an easy thing. This is because we live in a world that often wants to make us feel less than. We live in a world that tries to put us in a box.

There are many ways that the world can make you feel less than. The world can make you feel less than if you don’t conform to the ideal of what it means to be feminine. The world can make you feel less than if you have a different perspective from the norm.

The world can make you feel less than others if you don’t succumb to what is prescribed as social or cultural norms.

When people try to make you feel as though you are not “normal,” and being different appears to have a negative connotation, here is how you affirm your worth.

Be Kind To Yourself

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Be kind to yourself is my mantra because it is the best way to get through life. Being kind to yourself is the best way for you to keep moving forward in spite of obstacles, setbacks and delays.

You should be kind to yourself because you are deserving of the same kindness that you so give freely to others. You should be kind to yourself because you are doing the best that you can.

When you are kind to yourself, you give yourself leverage to try and fail and then try again. When you are kind to yourself, you allow yourself to move through life without constantly feeling as though you have to carry such a heavy weight on your shoulder.

Do What Makes You Happy

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One of the best ways to affirm your worth in the world is to do what makes you happy. We were all brought into this world with our own set of unique gifts and talents.

When we do what makes us happy, that is a way of affirming our worth because we are remaining true to ourselves.

One of the ways that I affirm my worth is by going after my creative interests and passions because it fills me with joy and fulfilment.

At times, it can feel as though creative pursuits are not always held up in high esteem and others are not willing to feel confident calling themselves a writer, an artist or a singer. Yet, by not acknowledging that which is yours to express, you deny yourself happiness and your sense of self-worth.

Have People Who Remind You of You

There are some days when the world would make you feel low. There are moments when you just feel as though it’s not worth it to keep pushing through.

During moments such as this, you have got to have others who remind you of who you are. These are people that can remind you about the best things about yourself.

These are people who can encourage you and pray for you so you believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

Those people are my family. They are the ones that I can go to for comfort, support and encouragement. They are the ones who always motivate me to see the best in myself and my future.

Don’t Take Things Too Personally

Photo by Vladimir Yelizarov on Unsplash

At times, the reason why we are so often crushed by life is because we take things too personally. One of the things I constantly remind myself of is that I can’t allow other people’s projections or interpretations of me to get me down.

I have to be willing to know that if I hold other people’s actions and moods to such high esteem to affect me, then I would lose control of my self-worth and self-esteem.

Do not take things too personally. Other people would always have an opinion of you. The way you think about yourself is the most important thing.

Be Willing to Start Again

On the path to affirming your worth, you must be willing to begin again because we are constantly evolving and changing. If you hold yourself to the same standard of how things were in the past or how things would always be, you don’t allow yourself to truly grow and experience more of life.

Be willing to start again and give yourself the grace to know that it is okay to start again.

Final Thoughts

Affirming your worth is not a simple feat. It is not going to happen after you give yourself positive affirmations. It’s not going to happen simply because you’ve read self-help books and are thinking positively.

Affirming yourself is what will require constant effort because each and every day that we go out into the world, we are met with different obstacles that can cause a blow to our self-esteem.

Each and every day that we step out into the world, we encounter people who look differently and think differently from us and they can affect the way we see ourselves.

The key is to hold on to who you know you are. To embrace the parts of yourself that fill you with meaning and joy. To surround yourself and be reminded of the best things about you by the people who matter most to you.

I tell you that you are worth it again and again. You are worth it.



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