Factors that Influence Your Personal Growth

Your Willingness to Adapt

Exposure to New Environments

You cannot grow if you are always doing the same things repeatedly. You cannot grow if you never try to put yourself in a different environment. Growth will require you to get uncomfortable.

A Desire to Keep Learning

A Willingness to Fail Several Times

A spirit of perfection will deter your growth. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus. The more you try to make everything perfect, the less likely you are to ever begin anything. Stop trying to be perfect. Allow yourself to take a risk in your goals and dreams.

Your Endurance to Hardship & Criticism

Hanging with Negative People is Detrimental

Be very careful of who you share your dreams and goals with. Some would rather kill your dreams than encourage you out of their own envy and insecurities.

An Open Mindset



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Isioma Ononye

Isioma Ononye

I write about finding yourself, developing your self-esteem, faith, mental health and communications. Email me at isiomaononye@gmail.com I tweet @isiomaononye