Fostering Hope & Perseverance in Your Journey

Isioma Ononye
5 min readDec 15, 2022


I believe it was an American Pastor, Joel Osteen that said that as Christians, we must be ‘’Prisoners of Hope.’’

I really like the statement and I believe it can be applied to many aspects of life, not just in our faith but also in our career, our workplace and our family lives.

We must be prisoners of hope because this is what keeps us waking up in the morning. This is what enables us to show up in the world. This is what keeps us pushing forward.

Now, I’m no stranger to having setbacks in life. I’m no stranger to feeling lost as to where my next step is. Yet, I’ve found myself being able to persevere.

I’ve persevered in the workforce from quitting, being fired and then getting employed. I’ve persevered in my personal life from leaving one country to the next, starting my life over again and working on my mental health.

Therefore, if you are going through severe disappointment and setbacks, this post is for you on how to get back up on your feet.

First, Let Yourself Sit In the Disappointment and Understand It

Yes, when you have experienced setbacks, cheering yourself up is not the easiest thing to do immediately. It’s not really that realistic.

The truth is that disappointment hurts. It’s painful. It’s embarrassing. It makes you feel lost. That is the reality and that’s okay.

So let yourself sit in those painful emotions for a little while. That would mean that you don’t do much of anything some days. You just be and allow yourself to sulk.

It’s okay because you are human and once you process these emotions, then you can move on to the next step.

Next, Start to Compile A List of What Matters to You

Now, that you have allowed yourself to sulk as much as you can, you’ve got to get back to what matters to you.

Start compiling a list of the things that are important to you, especially as it relates to your career.

When I experienced a setback in a role, I had to organise myself to figure out what sort of roles best align with who I am.

I had to organise myself to figure out what are my best skills and strengths.

What should I focus more on or less off?

This matters because it helps you to know what sort of direction is best for you to go on.

Then, Be Strategic About the Environment You Surround Yourself In

When it comes to fostering hope and perseverance in your journey, you must be very careful about the sort of environment that you put yourself in.

If you are around negative people who are always ready to remind you of everything that has gone wrong in your life, you will get stuck in that negativity. You will absorb it and rot.

Surround yourself with people that have good energy. People that are positive-minded. People you can learn and grow from.

As it relates to your career, network with the right people. Network with people whose field of study aligns with what you are passionate about.

Interact with people who inspire you to up your game and move forward in your pursuits.

After, Rely On Your Support System & Outlets to Keep You Motivated

In order to foster hope in your life, you should have a support system.

The support system could be your family who you can discuss your personal challenges with and who can provide a listening ear and be a confidant.

The support system could be close friends who you speak to, hang out with and who brighten your days.

The support system could be professional help that is obtained through counselling and a form of therapy that would enable you to process your thoughts and fix your mindset.

Also, have outlets that can keep you motivated. These outlets could be exercising to stay active and inspired.

The outlet could be hobbies that you enjoy. Maybe it’s journalling, doing art and playing some form of instrument.

Finally, Have A Plan to Get You Moving Forward

The last tip that I would give you is that you’ve got to plan. Don’t just stay stuck in the rut. If you find yourself unemployed, you should be able to map out a strategy for your job search.

You can choose how often a week you would search for jobs and how many applications you would send.

You can have a plan for the number of networking events to attend and the follow-through process.

It matters that you have a plan for taking action.

Final Thoughts

When you find yourself in moments where things are not going well for you, understand that it’s okay to get upset, angry and feel down about your life. That’s normal.

However, in other for you to get better, you must be a ‘‘prisoner of hope.’’ This means that you don’t give up on yourself.

This means that you try no matter how difficult to keep moving forward.



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