How my Instagram Video Got Over 2000 views with a Small Audience

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Often not, you can get a high reach based on how effective your post is. These days, Instagram is moving towards the video scene.

Videos are pushed out more often which means that those who utilize the power of video will gain traction.

My latest video on my Instagram was a video on ‘‘How to Not Be a Pushover.’’ That video is a reel that has 2,231 views and I have less than 1000 followers.

If you want to get a high reach on Instagram, here is what you need to do now.

Utilize the Latest Feature the Platform Offers

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Some people lament that Instagram is constantly changing, and their content is being left behind.

However, in order to not get left behind, one must simply keep up with the changes.

Instagram will push out content when you use its latest feature. Its latest feature is Reels.

Though I have a small audience, I notice that whenever I use reels, my content gains more traction and engagement that posting pictures and graphics.

This means that your strategy for posting on Instagram must incorporate the latest feature.

Have a reel on your feed at least once a week.

Add Hashtags to Your Video

Another effective strategy for improving your reach is to add hashtags. Adding trending hashtags to your video will help you to gain traction.

You can add hashtags to the content of the video as one of the title captions or you can add hashtags to the video in the description after uploading your video.

For the video where I had over 2000 views, I created it for International Women’s Day. I know that the hashtag was #IWD2022 so that was what I added to my video along with #WomensDay2022 and

Have Quality Videos to Share on Your Feed

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It’s important that you not only use the latest trending feature but you also display quality videos.

Be mindful of how clear your video is and how audible your sound is if it’s an original audio.

To make sure your video is quality, be mindful of the lightning. Have a video where the scene is visible.

Also, adding title captions to a video can make it more appealing.

I often like to post videos that are informative so adding title captions enables me to emphasize my points more.

How To Get Over Fears of Using Videos

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If you are someone that is hesitant to use videos because of your fears. Here are some ways to get more comfortable on camera.

Be prepared: Before you post a video on your feed, get prepared with what you want to say to others. I usually jot down the points I want to make in my video, and I practice before posting.

Don’t take Yourself too Seriously: Instagram videos are meant to be light and funny so have a different mindset when posting. Even if you make a mistake, you can highlight that mistake in the video.

When you don’t take yourself too seriously, you would come off more relaxed on camera and this would make you more pleasing to watch.

Try a Variety of Videos: You can mix up your video formats to keep your audience entertained.

Some videos, you can add a song and use captions and other videos, you can use your own voice and speak to your audience. Keep mixing it up.

Final Thoughts

Though the Instagram platform is constantly changing, you don’t have to get left behind. Videos are dominating the scene and you can get on board my dishing out your best video content game in the style that is still most authentic to you.

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