How To Deal & Still Be Productive During A Pandemic

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It’s only March but we’ve had a tumultuous start to the year. First, it was the tragedy of having lost a beloved athlete. Now, the world seems to be grappling with the pandemic that is coronavirus. There’s no escaping the news. It’s talked about on social media. It’s talked about when we open our emails. It’s talked about on every news station. It can all feel exhausting.

While it’s essential that we stay updated on the virus and precautions to be taken, we also have to mind our mental health. We have to make sure we don’t allow anxiety to completely take over and leave us in panic mode.

Here are somethings that I do to not stress over the news of COVID-19.

Take A Break From The News

It’s necessary to be updated and well informed about what’s going on in the country. However, please don’t watch and obsess over the news 24/7. Give yourself a break. Watch something else for a couple of hours. Watch a comedy or romance. Go and read a book or write your thoughts down. Listening to so much news on the virus disturbs me so I don’t allow it to consume all of me. A break is needed for you too. Please, take a break from the virus news.

Have A Form of Exercise While Social-Distancing

The words “social-distancing” and “quarantine” will soon become the popular words of the year. It’s important that we take precautions against the virus and limit being in large crowds. Yet, you can still maintain some form of exercise while keeping your distance. There are workouts that you can do at home. You can do yoga at home. If you have weights, you can lift at home. Or you can go for a quiet walk or run. Exercise will help you relieve the stress and anxiety that comes from thinking about the virus.

Reflect On God’s Words

During a time like this, prayer is truly needed. One of our favourite prayer in my home is Psalm 91. Reading the scriptures can fill you with a lot of hope. It will help to appease the fear that circulates due to the pandemic. Make time for God and know that in him, you are protected and safe.

Call The People You Care About

Though you can’t meet-up in large gatherings anymore, you can still make time for your loved ones. Call those you care about and see how they are doing during this time. Make sure the conversation is not solely focused on coronavirus. Talk about other light-heartened things that would put your mind at ease.

Take Advantage Of the Time At Home To Cater to Virtual Hobbies

If you’ve been asked to stay at home because of the virus, you don’t have to lounge around and binge-watch Netflix all day and every day. Now is the time to dedicate to opportunities that the web offers. Do you write? Put on your writing hat and get your work out there. Are you a comedian but looking for that big break? Take your phone and film yourself. People could use a laugh during a time like this. If you have a business online, promote it.

What are some ways that you deal and still try to be productive during this time of coronavirus?

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