How to Get Started Blogging

I started blogging in university. I enjoyed writing and it was fun for me to be able to have a platform where I can see my words. Seven years later, it is still fun for me to have a platform where I can see my words displayed.

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In order to get started with blogging, there are a few things that you should consider.

You Have To Decide on a Hosting Platform

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To get started with the process of blogging, you must consider what is the method in which you would host your site?

I started blogging in university with “Blogger.” Then, I moved over to Then, I later moved on to

I have my blog with the platform of because it allows me to be able to have a better design to structure my content.

You would have to decide which blogging platform would be best for you through trial and error.

If you are starting out, it does not hurt to start with You can start with having a free blog platform.

When you make the decision to focus on blogging, then you can choose to start paying.

It is important that you be consistent if you are going to be paying for your own site. There is no point making the decision to pay for your own domain, but your blog page is dormant.

You Need to Choose What Content To Produce

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After you have your own blog page, you now have to decide what content to produce.

You must consider all the different topics that interest you. You must also consider what type of person you are?

As for myself, I enjoy motivational content. I like to inform and inspire. I like content on faith and spirituality. I also enjoy poetry.

What I enjoy consuming is also what I enjoy creating. I create to encourage and inspire others to become a better version of themselves.

I discuss my journey and path on spirituality. I also do love poetry. That is why when I feel a poem coming in, I don’t waste time to simply let it flow out of me.

Ask yourself what sort of content matters most to you? What are some of those things that you can’t wait to share with the world? That is exactly what you should be sharing right now.

To Niche or Not to Niche

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Niche is the word we have circulated around the creative community. Everyone is telling you to have a niche. You need to find a niche. You need to niche down as a creative.

Honestly, I have a love and hate relationship with that word.

I do understand that it is important to have a niche so that others know what sort of content they are coming to you for. People should know what they can rely on you as a creative.

On the other hand, do not allow yourself to get so buried and consumed with having this one niche. The same way we get obsessed with having an Instagram aesthetic.

If you are starting out, allow yourself to produce what is calling you. It might look different on different days. That is okay. Variety is a good thing. On one hand, I want to motivate and inspire others. On the other hand, I want to create poetry and that’s fun for me.

Creativity at the end of the day should be a fun process for you. If you spend so much time contemplating what you ought to be focusing on, you take away time that could be spent simply producing.

Allow yourself to freely produce and express your ideas. You would find that as the time went by, you now realize that you are more drawn to a specific topic.

If I had to put myself in a box, I am part of the personal development clan. There you go. Are you happy now?

You Should Follow Others in the Blogging Community

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Once you know all the different topics that interest you, you should follow people and blogs with like-minds.

By following people and blogs of similar interest, you can learn from them, get inspired, collaborate and all spread the good news.

Connecting with other bloggers is a good way to build a tribe and community. It’s a good way to have someone keep you accountable.

Know Where You Would Share Your Content

A big aspect to blogging and writing is social media marketing. What platforms are you going to use to share your work?

Identify 1, 2, or 3 social media platforms that you can keep up with. Understand which works well for you. Then, have a schedule where you keep blessing people with your good news.

Be Patient with the Process and Believe in Yourself

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We all know that the digital space is becoming huge. The buzz is all about how to make money online.

Having a blog does not immediately mean the cash will all start to flow in. You need to be realistic about your blogging goals. Know that your journey may not look like other bloggers.

Also, be willing to re-visit your blogging goals from time to time. Know what is working for you and learn how to improve.

Lastly, if you know that you have a strong passion to write and be a blogger, then do it! Stop doubting yourself. The first step to making things happen is to start.

Begin the blog and keep encouraging yourself. Some people might discredit your efforts. Some might mock you and throw shade. You might not get invited to the table with the big players. Still keep doing you. Believe that what you must write is worthy because you are worthy. Go ahead and get blogging now.

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