How To Identify & Pursue Your Passions

Each and every one of us has something that gives us a sense of joy and fulfilment. For some, it is easy to identify what that is. For others, we aren’t quite sure where to begin? Finding and following a passion either within or outside of your working life can lead you to live a more meaningful and happier life. There are several ways that you can identify and follow your passions.

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How To Identify Your Passions

If you have some difficulty identifying what is singular and unique to you, you can ask yourself some of the questions below.

What has God told You To Do In Life?

If you are a spiritual person, first go to God. Ask him who he was called you to be and he will answer you. I’ve had different experiences in my life where God has spoken to me and through others. I’ve been told to write. I’ve been told to lead. I try my best to honour that word the way I can.

What comes naturally to you?

One way to identify your passion is by thinking about your best skills? Do you excel at writing, designing or public speaking? There is a reason for that. We often don’t recognize our best skills because we rate it as less than. Rather, those particular skills and traits are unique and significant and can help you identify what it is that you could possibly love doing. Considering your best skills can help you identify what career, role or hobbies are your passions?

What gives you joy?

Finding your passion can be as simple as asking yourself the question of what gives you joy? Joy is found in what ignites a spark in us. We do it because we innately love it. In “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, Gilbert asks the question: “What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?”

What fills you with a sense of purpose?

Our passions keep us grounded in who we are and what we want to accomplish. When you’re passionate about something, you’re often willing to go the extra mile because what you’re doing fills you with a strong sense of purpose. If you’ve found yourself in an environment where the work you were doing or the activity you were performing felt part of who you are and also serves as part of something bigger and greater than you, that’s key to identifying a passion.

What fills you with fear?

Now contrary to giving you joy, our passions can also instil fear in us because we become afraid of pursuing that which we want. We worry that we will fail or that we are not enough to put to reality what we desire to see our lives become. TV Personality and author Iyanla Vanzant once said that if you’re not living your life to the point where pee is running down your leg, you’re living too small. Consider the things that you might have been too afraid to begin or take up but has constantly been on your mind. Often our passions can fill us with a sense of dread but it’s a good fear because pursuing it opens up your life in ways that create more harmony and happiness.

How To Follow That Passion & Purpose

Now, that you’ve identified the passion, it’s a good start. The real work begins in how to follow that passion and purpose. Here is how you can do that.

Find A Platform To Express Yourself

Once you realize what you are passionate about, you have to find the platform for you. If you love to write, put your work out there on your website or blog. Contribute to other websites. Work on that book that is on your mind. If you love to sing, join the choir, join an organization. Put yourself out there and express your talent. If you are an artist, then start creating and sharing that work.

Have A Community of Like-Minded People

It’s good to have a community and network of like-minded people when pursuing your passions. Not only will these people understand you, but they will also inspire you. When you see others doing amazing things in an area you are passionate about, you will realize that your dreams are possible too. Find a community in your area that revolves around that interest that you care about. I’m passionate about writing so I enjoy attending events for creatives. Also, I care about women empowerment so I participate in organizations that pertain to that.

Take Classes or Courses to Develop That Passion

It’s not enough to have that passion, you still need to develop it in order for it to be better. Once you know what your passion is, get better at it. Take courses to strengthen your skills. Seek the advice of professionals in your field. If you sit with your passion and don’t try to improve, you will be stagnant. The world is constantly changing and evolving and so should you.

How do you find and follow your passion?

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