How To Not Give Up on Yourself

I’m sure most of us are glad to walk away from 2020. It has been quite a year. As we move on to this 2021, it can be difficult to summon the courage to be optimistic.

It’s possible that your plans have not worked out? Or maybe you are not seeing the fruits of your efforts? If you find yourself feeling dejected and deprived of hope, this post is for you to not give up on yourself. It’s time to get your fire back. Here is how you do so.

Understand What Drives You

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If you feel as though who you are and the life you are working towards is not worth it, you need to go back to the drawing board. You need to understand what it is that drives you.

Why do your dreams matter to you in the first place? Why did you choose to study what you did? What inspired you to take on the project? What have you always envisioned for yourself?

Go through these questions and I’m sure it will spark back some light in you. When you know what drives you, then you keep moving despite all odds. I’ll ask you again, what drives you?

Affirm Good Things About You

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Beating yourself up for not being where you want to be in life is not going to help your situation. If everything else around you is falling apart, that is when you need to be on your own side more than ever.

The way that you stand by your own side is by affirming good things about yourself. Affirm that you are capable and worthy of the life you want. Affirm that you are resilient and fearless in the face of obstacles. You have to speak yourself out of a defeated mindset.

Once you clear your mind from the dirt you feed it with, you’d be ready to take on a fresh and clean perspective.

Get Inspired by Others You Admire

Who inspires you? Who are the people that you admire? Look at their stories. Understand their journey. Learn from their experiences.

When you feel like giving up, take a look at those who are where you want to be. I’m sure it was not a smooth and easy path for them. Study their story and life and let it inspire you to be better. If someone else can do it, then what stops you from going for gold?

Connect with People Who Believe in You

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Who is part of your tribe? Who are the people that are there for you? Connect with good people who will support and lift you up. It makes a difference to get encouragement from others.

Make sure that you are connecting with people who are pushing you for better things and not tearing you down. Connect with people who will challenge you in the right way to step up.

Prioritize Rest & Relaxation

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You can’t force yourself to run at 100 all the time. You need a break sometimes. You need to relax and enjoy your life.

When you feel like giving up, dial things down a bit. Go and be in a space that will make you happy. You have to make time to give yourself a break so that you will have more energy to go after those passions and goals that are deep inside you.

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