Lillian and the White Bird

A Bird in Motion

Isioma Ononye
2 min readMay 11, 2024
Image from the Author: Shot at Millennium Park in Abuja, Nigeria

The white bird leapt from the ground where the yellow leaves were scattered around

The white bird widened its wings and took off

Much to the amazement of its flock, the white bird flew towards another blue sea

The white bird was chasing the sunset as it flew past me

The white bird’s wings flapped recklessly and then it turned around

The white bird saw a pack of birds behind it

The white birds formed a line across the sky

And how majestic they looked

But the white bird spotted a tree in a far distance

Its leaves were green and orange and yellow and it looked quite serene

The white bird picked up its pace, turned west and left the others

The white bird slowed down as it made its arrival to place its feet on the branch of a tree

And with its yellow beak, the white bird chirped loudly that Lillian awoke

To see a beautiful bird singing on a tree and so she got closer

She put her hands on the camera and the bird took off

“Hey, wait for me!” Lillian yelled.

She grabbed her camera and ran after it

Strangers looked around her befuddled

They signalled with their hands that she must be a loony

And Lillian turned around; laughed and then turned forward

Imitating the bird with her arms spread wide open, Lillian took off running again

She was dreaming and hoping she would catch up with this white bird

She was dreaming and hoping they would take off together and soar towards that sunset.



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