Making the Most of LinkedIn As A Young Professional

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LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals and students. It serves as a platform that enables you to share your work and accomplishments. This is in addition to connecting with peers, colleagues and strangers that we admire. If you’re a young professional who has just started using LinkedIn, here are the essentials of what you need to have.

Your Profile Should Include Details

Once you’ve created your profile, make sure to have details. Be specific about your experiences. Discuss what you do in your present role or what you did in your past role. Discuss your qualifications and aspirations.

If youre a student on LinkedIn, you should include what you are currently studying. Discuss internships that you’re taking. You can include the professional organizations that you belong to in your university campus. In addition, discuss your leadership roles and interests that relate to the field that you want to get into.

A Profile That Has Multimedia Is Attractive

First of all, you should have a profile image of you on your page. Your profile image should be high quality, clear and include only you in it.

Secondly, it’s good to have varied examples of the work you do. Do you have videos that you created? Then, you should include that in your summary. Do you have published links to your work? Then, you should also include that in your profile. Having images, videos and links to your page make it that much more attractive. It also helps to deliver on quality.

Be Actively Engaged On LinkedIn

A big mistake that most people make is that they create a LinkedIn page simply to have one. They only update it when they’ve gotten a new job or if they are looking for jobs. You should be consistently active on LinkedIn. It’s another form of social media, so you should, therefore, be social there too.

Add connections and engage with the people you’ve added. You should like, comment and share their posts.

One of the great advantages of LinkedIn is that it enables you to reach people you wouldn’t know on an ordinary basis. Young people should see this as their great asset to reach out to more experienced professionals. It doesn’t hurt to send a short message about who you are and questions you might have. There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be gained by simply being willing to ask questions.

Share Relevant Information On Your Field

As you engage with your connections, you should also be able to offer value to others. Share your work and accomplishments. Share articles that relate to your field. The more you keep sharing, you help others to identify what you stand for and where your interests lie.

Have Recommendations On Your Page

For your resume, you would often include names of people who could offer you recommendations. LinkedIn is another form of resume. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt for you to have references on your page.

When I was a student at university, I connected with the employers that I interned with. They gave me recommendations on my page. I was glad that I started building my page then because it helped me to land my first job as a Media Relations Coordinator for a Global Women’s NGO.

Your Contact Information Should Be Easy To Find

Your contact information is very important information. You shouldn’t make it difficult for future employers to locate you. On my page, I have my contact information in my summary. That’s my email and links to all my social media platforms.

There is also a separate section on LinkedIn where you can include your contact information. You should fill up those necessary links which are your email, twitter and website. Make it clear that you want to be found. Let other people know just how awesome you are.

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