Networking As An Introvert

Understand Your Goals for Networking

Get To Know What You Bring to The Table

A big mistake that is often made when networking is that there is so much pressure placed on what another person can do for you. However, networking is not all about how someone else can help you.

Research & Preparation is Key

Be Aware that Networking Is Not Only Through Professional Events

Utilize Online Means of Networking

Set Up A Time Frame to Avoid Energy Drainage

Being an introvert, we can find our energy easily drained when with others. That’s why it’s best to always set a time-frame for yourself. Be realistic with what you can handle. Is it 30 minutes to an hour? Then, make that deal with yourself that from 30 minutes to an hour, you will know what you have to accomplish.

The Follow-Up Process is Key



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Isioma Ononye

Isioma Ononye

I write about finding yourself, developing your self-esteem, faith, mental health and communications. My Personal Guide on Confidence👉🏾