Seven Big Ways To Create Better Content

Your content is what drives people to listen to your message. Your content affects how your brand and organization is perceived. Your content can also influence marketing and sales for the products you want to launch.

The question you now have to ask is how do you ensure to deliver on excellent content? I have seven tips to consider.

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Assess Your Content From Past To Present

Do a thorough assessment of how you have performed in your content. Scroll through your page. What has worked so far? How does your content look now compared to how it did before?

Be able to take note of high performing posts. That’s key to understanding what people like from you. Take note of low performing posts. Then, you know what isn’t working. Compare your engagement levels and follower counts.

Assessing what is and isn’t working is the first step to getting better.

Display Quality Photos and Videos

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Good content is visually appealing. Consider your favourite communicators, bloggers and influencers, what is it about the content you admire? It’s often the quality of the shots and videos they produce. You should aspire to create in the manner of what you admire.

I understand that you might not have all the tools and resources you need. Work with what you have but still make it look good. You can use your phone and have good quality. You just have to know how to edit. Utilize the best editing apps like Snapseed, Lightroom or InShot. Working with what you have does not mean it has to be subpar.

Make it look good but also still ensure to invest in having better equipment. Also, once in a while, utilize professional photography services. That way you can re-purpose quality content.

If you notice some of your work has bad quality, go and delete those old photos and videos from your feed. You want your best work to be on the feed.

Create Captions That Will Engage Others

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As much as you need good pictures, good captions matter in keeping others more attracted and engaged to your content.

Don’t just post a fine picture and not consider dropping a few sentences. The sentences don’t all have to be thought-provoking. It could be something fun. You simply need to just put in a little extra effort in your caption.

Quality captions can be informative, inspiring, humorous or thought-provoking. Decide on which angle you want to go in.

Engage & Collaborate With Others

It’s not always easy to make time to engage with others. Often time, we are more focused on how our own content is performing. However, engaging with others is beneficial.

Engaging with others through likes and comments is good networking. You can meet new people on someone’s comments. You can gain new followers through your own response. Lastly, through engaging with others, the other person might be inclined to return the favour.

In addition, collaboration is beneficial. It's a good way to expand your reach and grow your community. The results from collaboration might not always be big. Keep at it.

Maintain Some Form of Consistency

Be realistic about your posting goals. Not every content creator is the same. Plus, are you posting things just for the sake of posting? Do what you know works for you as long as you show up within your time frame consistently.

If you are taking a break, try to let people know beforehand.

Share Knowledge Based On Your Field

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I’m sure you’ve heard it before, people like value. Well, it’s true. Keep delivering value. However, understand that value looks different based on your niche. Your value could be fashion tips. Your value could be reading tips. Your value could be personal development. Your value could be cooking, business, education, faith, etc.

Don’t just copy what others are doing. Know what message you care about the most and deliver value based on who you are as a creator.

Learn From Others & Take The Feedback

The best way to improve on your content is to be willing to learn from others. When you see the opportunity to take a course from your favourite creators, take it. Attend the event if possible. Learn as much as you can from them.

Also, ask questions and be willing to take feedback. If someone tells you that you are not posting often, take that into consideration. If someone tells you that your quality is poor, understand why. Be willing to learn and improve. Do not just stay the same. You can do better.

What other methods matter to you in improving your content?

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