Seven Mistakes that Keep You Feeling Stuck in Life

There is a way out of spiralling…

Isioma Ononye
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I’ve gone through different moments in my life where I’ve felt stuck. I can remember after graduating high school and not yet certain whether I would be starting university in the U.K. or the U.S.… Then five years after, I can remember when I completed my university education and was uncertain about starting my life over again in my hometown in Nigeria.

When I was in the midst of those moments, I was not sure how I would get out. I felt stuck in uncertainty. If you are going through a moment in your life where you feel stuck, I have some tips for you on mistakes that I made that you shouldn’t so that you don’t feel stuck.

You Are Not Putting Things in Perspective

At times, when we feel stuck in our life, we are not putting things in perspective. We are only seeing the moment of uncertainty and pain rather than the big picture.

In the past, when I went through visa delays, it felt like the end of the world. I wasn’t sure where I would be in college. Me putting things into perspective is knowing that life brings about its challenges.

I had to wait for some time but my visa did eventually get approved. I ended up going to New York and studying what I loved which is English Literature with minors in Journalism and Women’s Studies.

In order for you to put things in perspective, it helps to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? When you can be realistic about the situation, then you realise what you are capable of handling.

Take Some Action By Making A Change

Also, consider what can you change or not about your situation. If there is something that you can change about your situation, then go ahead and make the process of change. If you can’t change it, then why bother to keep complaining? Learn how to deal with and handle things.

One of my favourite quotes from the late Maya Angelou states that “if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.’’

Reflect on How Things Have Been in the Past

In moments when we feel stuck, it appears as though we haven’t gone through difficult situations before and the present moment feels chaotic.

Yet, when you can reflect back to the moments of the past, things are not so bad.

Presently, when I go through challenges in my life, it helps me to reflect back on my past and consider how things were.

I remember how I initially felt thinking that it would be impossible to start my life over again and yet I did. So I figure that I can always start again. I can always embrace a new venture and adventure. If I have done it before, then I can do it again.

What have you overcome in the past that seemed impossible then? Consider the ways that you made steps to move forward now and let it ease your anxiety and fears about new decisions to take.

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