Seven Ways To Encourage Yourself When You Feel Down

As we round up the year, there is a mixture of emotions to feel. Some are excited and others might be miserable. The ending of the year can unfortunately bring up certain negative emotions.

Maybe you didn’t accomplish all the goals you wanted? Maybe you live far away from home? Maybe your social and romantic life is non-existent? Or maybe you’re in a cold region and it’s getting you down?

All of these are understandable reasons to not be in a good mood. Believe me when I say that I get you because I’ve experienced it all. Here are a few ways that you can encourage yourself.

Remember Your Little Wins

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At times, the way we operate is that we magnify the negatives and overlook the positives in life. When you are feeling down, remember the little things that you were able to do. Yes, the effort you make towards your goals counts as a win because you are at least trying.

Yes, showing up counts as a win because you decided to go for something. Yes, being alive and healthy also counts for a win. Always remember all those little victories and blessings because it’s something to be grateful for.

Compliment Yourself On Your Efforts

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If you wait for others to applaud you, you could be waiting a long time. It’s time that you start to celebrate yourself. Yes, it‘s time you compliment yourself. Compliment yourself for all the times you dared to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Compliment yourself on all the great things that make you who you are. Compliment yourself for the amazing creation that is you. Every part of you is deserving. Compliment yourself.

Treat Yourself to Something Nice

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Who doesn’t like a little something nice? You have to learn to treat yourself in this life. It doesn’t have to be anything big. The little thing that you can do for yourself matters. Treat yourself to a Mani/pedicure. Get yourself a cute dress. Treat yourself to a nice meal.

Focus on What Makes You Happy

Sometimes we get so bothered by all the things that we lack in life. By looking at all that you lack, you find yourself sinking into this black hole. Focus on the things that make you happy. Focus on what gives you that fulfilment. When you focus on what makes you happy, it makes life more worthwhile.

Entertain Yourself

When you find yourself in a bad mood, find ways to entertain yourself. Tune into your favourite songs. Watch an encouraging or funny video. Or maybe it’s a movie that lifts your spirit. Entertain yourself and you will find yourself feeling better.

Talk to Someone

It matters to air out your thoughts and emotions with others. It is a good release to be able to express yourself. Talk to someone that you trust. This could be a family member, friend or partner.

If those options are not appealing to you, then seek therapy to be able to confide in a mental health professional.

Put Things In Perspective

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Sometimes we focus on what we lack and it stops us from seeing how good things. Force yourself to recall the good that is in your life.

Also, understand that life is full of trials and challenges. It happens to everyone but doesn’t let that stop you from believing that there is still much more beauty and joy to experience in this world.

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