The Key To Always Having Ideas

Isioma Ononye
4 min readMar 14, 2021


I always enjoy the aspect of coming up with new ideas because it’s fun for me to start a project and see it manifest in reality.

Not everyone is this way. Some people struggle with how to have ideas and execute them. They seem stuck and stagnant. If this is a challenge for you, then I’m here to help you on the path to having ideas.

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Let Your Mind Wander

At times, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get distracted. Allow your mind to wander. You can get inspired by the mere act of not doing much. Go and watch a fun show or movie. Spend time reading a book that makes you smile. Tune into your favourite songs and have a dance session.

Allow yourself to have a fun distraction. You might be causing your problems by thinking too much. When you let your mind wander, you’d be surprised that is when the ideas start to flow in.

Be In Places That Inspire You

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You don’t have to always wait for inspiration. At times, you have to be in pursuit of what will inspire you. Go and be in places that inspire you. You can get inspired in an art gallery while staring at a wonderful piece of art. You can get inspired by a traditional performance in a dance show. You can get inspired while sitting and reading at a bookshop.

Be in places that feed your soul and you’d find that inspiration will gravitate towards you.

Speak To People More

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A good conversation can change your life in many ways. If you feel stuck in your creativity, go out and talk to someone. The conversations you have with others can create a spark in your thought process.

It’s important for you to be open because you can learn from so many people. Don’t only hang out with your usual crew. Speak to people with more life experience than you. Speak to people from a different country, tribe and religion. You can even consider how a child behaves and let them inspire you too.

The more people you speak to, the more you find yourself filled with ideas, insight, inspiration and wisdom.

Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

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Becoming reflective is a big aspect to unleashing creativity. After all, our creativity is a reflection of who we are. What will you create if you don’t know yourself? It’s time to get reflective. It’s time to understand the way your mind works.

It’s time to consider the life you want, your dreams, your goals, your fears, your wishes. When you consider all of this, it will impact the sort of ideas you share with the world.

Allow Yourself To Start A Project Uncertain

You don’t have to know everything to begin. Sometimes, the ideas will come in the process of you doing and creating. That is why you just have to begin? Do you assume that you have nothing to write? Please, just start writing down all your thoughts freely. Before you know it, your words will lead you to a topic and then a big idea.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to know it all and do it all. Let them keep judging you. You just go ahead and start with confusion. Clarity will arrive later.

Consider What You Care About

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One of the ways for you to create and come up with ideas is to simply focus. Focus on what matters to you. Yes, what do you care about? I’m not asking you what is popular? I’m not asking you what people want you to create? I’m asking you to tell me what is it that matters to you? When you find the things that matter to you, you become unstoppable.

Go To God and Listen to Our Father

Our Father is the ultimate creator. He gives us ideas to fulfil his will in our lives. If you don’t know what to do and create, speak to God. Speak to him when you wake up. Speak to him while at work. Speak to him when it’s time to go to sleep. Speak to God every day.

Tell him everything. Ask him for guidance and ideas. The Bible tells us that Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened for you. God is waiting for you. He is always waiting for you with welcoming arms. All you need to do is ask and he will shower you with his ideas and wisdom.

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