The Tips and Tricks to Dealing with Anxiety

Let’s start by taking a deep breath in and out…

Isioma Ononye
3 min readMay 23, 2023

Anxiety can be described as an excessive fear or worry over a particular situation and it’s when the fear or worry is not proportional to the situation at hand.

Common life stresses can lead to normal anxiety such as exams or achievements that one is trying to obtain.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts to impact your everyday ability to function. When it leads to avoidance of situations.

Also, when you feel like you have some symptoms such as sweating, loss of breath and dizziness over some time, then your anxiety becomes an issue.

Furthermore, when you realise your reaction is not proportional to the situation, then it’s also a problem.

Read on for my interview with Psychologist Oladoyin Idowu about understanding anxiety and how to manage it.

What Are Some Different Forms of Anxieties?

Different forms of anxiety include social anxiety disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and some specific phobias such as Panic Disorders.

They have different variations based on the clusters they fall in.

For social anxiety, this means a person perpetually tries to avoid social situations. They are scared of social situations for fear of judgment or embarrassing themselves.

Sometimes, it can be as a result of traumas or experiences you’ve had in the past such as the loss of a loved one or the loss of a job.

How Do You Treat Your Anxiety?

To treat your anxiety, you have to first understand your triggers. You have to understand what type of anxiety you have.

Then, you should seek a professional’s perspective on this because when you know the root of a problem, it helps you in solving the problem.

Another way to help yourself is through breathing exercises.

In addition, there is exposure therapy where you expose yourself to the thing causing you anxiety.

How Do You Deal with Anxiety that Results from Your Country’s Challenges

It matters to first take a deep breath. Also, do not exaggerate the situation of things.

Analyze the situation of things and have a strategy and pathway for moving forward.

There are different ways that you can survive and figure things out by focusing on the things that you can control.

When you have a strategy in place on how to navigate the situation, then you will not be overly anxious about the situation.

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Final Thoughts

Join me and take a deep breath. Fill that breath in from every part of your body.

As you breathe out, monitor your emotions, situations and the environment that you find yourself in.

Next, find outlets that give you peace and calm. It could be being in nature. It could be listening to a good song.

Finally, be willing to speak to someone about the things that make you anxious. You can speak to a relative, a close friend or a mental health professional.

If you have ever gone through anxiety, know that you are not alone.

I’m wishing you peace of mind.

Also, you can watch the full discussion on YouTube: How to Deal with Anxiety| Nigerians and Mental Health.



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