Top Five Lessons from “Bamboozled by Jesus”

A fun, witty and encouraging read to get you going after your dreams.

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Yvonne Orji is an actress, comedian and author.

She first came into stardom through the hit TV show “Insecure,” where fans got to watch her as Molly, the confident and fashionable Lawyer who went through triumphs and challenges in her work and personal life.

From “Insecure,” Yvonne has become a household name in Hollywood and “Bamboozled by Jesus,” is her way of sharing her journey with us.

The book is a fun and informative read where there are several life lessons one can gain from the book.

Don’t Doubt God’s Time to Make Things Happen

Yvonne was already in her thirties when she got cast to play the hit role of Molly in “Insecure.”

In her book, she states “I was twenty-five years old when I started from the bottom in entertainment. Various members of my family tried to convince me that I’d missed my window of opportunity. They loved reminding me that most people usually started when they were teenagers.”

Though Yvonne had a late start in Hollywood, she still turned out to be a successful actress. Often in life, we second-guess our calling and purpose because it doesn’t happen in our timeline.

However, whatever is meant to happen will happen if you do not give up on your dreams. It sounds cliché but Yvonne’s story is a testament to that truth.

She said, “I knew I was older, but I also knew I had a promise from Jesus, and by the grace of God, I am what I am, and I make it do what it does.”

Your Gifts Are There for A Reason

Yvonne has a Master’s in Public Health but her calling has always been comedy.

In her book, she admitted that she kept running away from her calling.

When she decided to try stand-up comedy while in university and got a great reaction, she knew she had a knack for it. She wouldn’t have gotten on her path if she did not let her inner voice guide her.

The lesson is that the gifts and talents we each possess are not just things we should ignore. It means something. It’s who we are and if we embrace ourselves more, we will find ourselves on the path that represents who we are the most.

Add Value Wherever You Find Yourself In

Often not, we believe in a misconception that if we are not seated at the highest throne of power, then we can’t make an impact.

The reality is that no matter where you find yourself, there is an influence that you can make. Yvonne didn’t just land in Hollywood as a successful actress.

She stated that: “I went from unpaid intern to unpaid volunteer, to full-time staff and got a writing credit.”

In her book, she adds: “Bentley promoted me because he noticed the energy that I brought into the company. I wasn’t doing shoddy work or phoning it in. I was showing up and taking ownership of every task.”

We must add value wherever we find ourselves.

By doing your very best and putting in the work, you create space for God to bless you.

You create space for yourself to expand and have more opportunities.

God Makes All Things Possible

Yvonne’s story highlights how God has been faithful to her and it wasn’t easy for her to make it in Hollywood.

She said there were moments when she found herself crying in an apartment, wondering when she would get there.

She had to keep believing in herself and God. She had to believe in her purpose. That all things work for her good.

In her book, she has a chapter on getting your mind right which simply means knowing that God is in control.

Yvonne says “God wants to give you a blank disc. He’s erasing every thought that he never programmed in you and dubbing his original purpose back into you. He’s taking a Sharpie and rewriting history. Where others have called you hopeless, he has labelled you redeemed.”

Be Willing to Humble Yourself to Serve

Another great lesson we learn from Yvonne’s book is the necessity of humility.

She teaches us that it matters that we do not look down on others or we don’t feel too proud of ourselves.

When she worked with Issa and she knew Issa had assistants around, she was still always willing to serve.

In her book, she states: “I remind Issa through my actions, that I’m here to serve her vision. It’s not uncommon for me to roll up on her like “Gurl, you good?” Whatchyu need? Have you eaten? Want me to fix you a plate” Yes, she has assistants and reps on hand to tend to her needs, but while I’m around her, I choose to serve in this capacity, unasked and unexpected because I understand the larger exchange at play.”

Final Thoughts

“Bamboozled by Jesus” by Yvonne Orji Once is a motivational, spiritual and fun book to learn more about the author’s life.

It’s also a great book to encourage you to not give up on who you want to be.



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