What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

We all go through moments where we feel like we have too much on our plate. We all have those moments where it feels like the world is crashing in on us. We’re not sure how to get through the day. We’re not sure where we should begin. We are simply overwhelmed. Here is how to deal.

Go Get Some Rest

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When you feel mentally and physically exhausted, you should give yourself a break. Get some sleep. Turn off the notifications to social media apps so you are not disturbed. Allow yourself the moment that you need to breathe and relax. We all need rest. No one can keep going non-stop without some ample time for themself. Go and get some rest.

Learn To Prioritize Not Just Multitask

People often say that ladies should pride themselves on being able to multitask. But I believe in prioritizing more than multitasking. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, list out the tasks that you will carry out for the day. Put out the most important tasks at the top of your lists. If you can’t get everything done in a day, that’s fine. There’s always tomorrow. Just focus on what is the most pressing thing at the moment rather than trying to do it all.

Find Ways To Entertain Yourself

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I always enjoy different forms of entertainment becomes it relaxes and motivates me. I love music and movies and watching comedies. It’s good to be able to have some form of entertainment to put you in a good mood. Every once in a while, you should be able to take your mind off all that you need to do. Go and watch something funny.

Go For A Simple Walk Outside

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When things start to feel heavy for you, allow yourself a moment outside. Go for a walk and be with your thoughts. Sometimes, getting some air outside is just what we need to compose ourselves and gain much-needed clarity.

Communicate Your Feelings To Someone

Talking about things can make you feel better. If you are feeling overwhelmed due to work, maybe you can find a way to communicate that with a supervisor or boss? If you are feeling overwhelmed due to matters in your home, maybe you should discuss that with your partner and relatives. Don’t just remain quiet and feel like you’re drowning. Talk to someone about this.

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