Your Guide to Stop Being Lazy in 2023

The Mantra for the year is that I will not be glued to the Bed…

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It’s a new year and each year, we always consider how we can do better with the way we live. We always consider how we can make more of an effort to go after our goals and dreams.

In order to be more motivated in our lives, we have to be productive and being productive is easier said than done. We can want to get things done but then lack the desire to pursue that which we care about.

In this article, I discuss my tips to help you do what is necessary to get out of a lazy rut and start actively going after the life you desire.

Identify your goals and priorities

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For you to stop being lazy this year, you have to know what your goals and priorities are. You can’t pursue your dreams unless you know what it is that you actually care about.

First, you must ask yourself what sort of field, industry or platform you dream of? What are those things that fill you with a sense of joy and excitement?

Once you figure this out, write it down. Put it on a vision board. Writing things down will help you to visualise your dreams and always keep them in your memory.

That way, when it comes time for April, you don’t find yourself back on the couch, not having done any of the things you promised yourself you would do in January.

Understand your Whys for doing what you Do

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Secondly, another method to get you out of being lazy is to know why you are doing what you intend to do.

Knowing your why is what will keep you motivated to keep going.

For example, when working a regular 9–5 job, you know your why is getting a consistent salary/paycheck every month. You know that there is security in your job so that enables you to keep showing up for work and doing what the role requires of you.

Now, when it comes to our passion projects, your why may not be easily evident especially if we do not get that immediate gratification from seeing the benefits and results.

Therefore, when the benefit is not readily visible, what I do is remind myself that I love the process of writing and creating. It brings me a sense of joy and fulfilment.

Also, my why is to be able to connect to like-minds, to inspire those who share the same dreams as I do. To connect with those who may be going through the same challenges and difficulties so that they too know that they are not alone on their path and journey.

Have Mentors/Role Models that You Look Up to

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Another method to help you get out of a lazy rut is to be able to have mentors and role models that you look up to.

That is one of the reasons why I enjoy reading from people’s memoirs like Michelle Obama and Viola Davis. When I read about other people’s stories, then I know that life is not linear.

We all struggle. We all go through difficulty and hardship but what separates the ones who make it and the ones who don’t is having that grit and determination to believe that your purpose in this world matters.

For you to have role models or mentors, consider the field that you are in. Who are those that you admire in your field? Who are those that are the most successful in your field?

Let their stories and journey be a testimony to you to know that if someone else can do it, your dreams are valuable and hold weight too.

Have a Form of Reward System

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It’s good to have a form of reward system to encourage you to keep moving forward. For myself, I love to shop. I’m a shopaholic and fashion makes me happy. Therefore, when I’ve been able to check items off my list, I reward myself by getting myself a new outfit or I treat myself to a mani/Pedi day. Or I take myself out for a meal. I do the things that I can do for myself within my own budget.

For you to have a form of reward system, you should also consider what are the things that you enjoy doing. What makes you happy? If you can treat yourself to a mini-vacation or getaway trip, then why not reward yourself for being productive?

As long as you are not doing things that will cause harm to yourself and others, have little ways to reward yourself because you deserve it!

Get connected to people that motivate and encourage you

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Another way to kick your butt out of laziness is to get connected to a community of like-minds. When you get connected to a community of like-minds, then they can encourage you in your path.

That way, you see others doing things that you aspire to do, so it is a motivation to step up your game.

Also, having a community of like-minds can hold you accountable when you are not that encouraged to put your best foot forward.

Final Thoughts

Each new year is a time to assess what we did in the past year. To plan to do more and better. Each new year is a fresh start to begin again. To try harder. To do better.

If you know that you are someone that is lazy, then it’s okay, you are not the only one. We all get lazy at times but have a plan to get you up and moving in the direction of the life you’ve always dreamt that you would have.

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